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AND Coffee knows its fans have discriminating, eclectic and fine-tuned tastes. So naturally, starting your day on the right beat is as important to you as it is to our Founder Marcus. Therefore, starting in 2016, AND Coffee is beginning their subscription program. Simple and succinct, our coffee lovers can now have their favorite flavors delivered to their doorstep automatically. This allow you to spend more time relaxing with a Cup of Joe or showing off your Cappuccino Strut or following your Passion Blend during your Morning Inspiration as you think about days sipping on Hazelnut in Jamaica Me Wanna.



 Automatic monthly delivery of either a 12 oz. of pre-ground or 5 lbs. bag of whole bean or pre-
ground coffee
 $14.99 per month for 12oz. subscription plan
 $63.99 per month for 5lbs. subscription plan
 You pick your flavor, not us
 You can change your flavor or quantity at any point up to 5 days before order date
 Convenient monthly billing on the 5th of each month
 Cancel any time after the 1st month or up to 5 days before monthly billing
 Account log in information to manage your monthly VIP Subscription Plan

Our Gifts to You
 Free 2 oz. sample size bag of pre-selected coffee as a Thank You and Welcome to the

Subscription Program
 Free 12 oz. bag of coffee for your 1-year subscription anniversary
 Free samples of new flavors shipped to you 2 weeks prior to available to general public
 Exclusive discounts just for VIP Subscription Plan members